The Two Wolves Abroad

The Two Wolves Abroad is an initiative of The Cardoner Network, a not-for-profit, student-focused hub for volunteering. The Two Wolves Abroad offers a transformative volunteering opportunity for young men and women around the world. Our participants are formed in the Jesuit model of love for service and the poor. We do not offer charity; we seek authentic relationships that grow out of service and respect. We offer an intellectually, spiritually and physically challenging opportunity for these future leaders to make intimate relationships with those they serve. Our formation programs develop our participants before they leave and when they return, empowering them with a lifelong commitment to service. The Two Wolves Abroad seeks to engage communities overseas in undertakings that express a recognition and respect for excluded and disadvantaged groups. The Two Wolves Abroad aims to build hope in the communities we encounter. In the process it is we who are transformed.



Our Overseas Immersion Program offers 2-3 week experiences of cultural exposure, hard work under basic conditions, and shared Examen and reflections every day. These are profound experiences of receiving hospitality from those materials poor, yet spiritually rich.

Our Volunteer Corps Program offers school-leavers and university age students a deeper immersion in the language and culture of peoples in Thailand, Micronesia, Nepal and the Northern Territory.

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