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Robbie Graham

CEO of The Cardoner Network

Robbie joined the Cardoner Network as CEO in August 2019. He is an Honours graduate of the University of London and has enjoyed a very successful career in various industries, including Unilever, Vodafone and the British military. He has experience running his own businesses, including business consultancy, where he has supported other established entities and start ups. Robbie is deeply committed to The Cardoner Project and Ignatian formation. His two sons, alumni of St Aloysius College, are both active supporters of the Cardoner Project, both having served in Thailand.

Fr. Ramesh Richards SJ

Rector of The Cardoner Network 

Fr. Ramesh was the Assistant Director of The Cardoner Network from 2014 to 2016 and returned as the Rector of the ministry in 2020. He has a wide range of chaplaincy experiences in high school, university, hospital and prison settings. He is particularly interested in helping young people develop their friendship with Jesus Christ through the Spiritual Exercises of St.Ignatius. He believes it is through this particular friendship, one is able to appreciate ones place in the world, and respond to the injustices one sees around them.

Isabelle Paul

Formation Coordinator

Isabelle, better know as Izzie, joined The Cardoner Network in 2019 when she signed up for the January Nepal Immersion. After her immersion, Izzie has become an active member of the Cardoner community. She volunteered weekly in the Two Wolves Cantina and attend various Leadership Collective events. In 2020, Izzie and 2 other girls were the first girls to become members of Bellarmine house, and she continued to live there for 2 years. Every year, Izzie became more involved with The Cardoner Project and now leads the Formation programs for schools. In her spare time, she likes going to the gym and travelling.

Emma Peers Tejero 

Marketing Coordinator 

Emma joined the community as one of the first volunteers to Wadeye (our in-community domestic placement) in January 2021, with Cyan Swan and Sophie King. After moving in to Bellarmine House in 2021, Emma currently interns as marketing coordinator; she organises all social media platforms, newsletters, emails and general communications. 

Olivia Peric

Overseas Program Coordinator

Liv joined us in 2020 after completing a 12-month volunteer placement in Thailand the year before. She has lived in our student residence, Bellarmine House, and currently supports volunteers overseas, co-ordinates pre-departure formation and training and presents the Two Wolves Abroad program to schools and universities. (Pictured far right)

Cyan Swan

Domestic Program Coordinator

Cyan was one of our first volunteers in our newest Two Wolves Domestic Program. After completing a month long placement in Wadeye (NT) at the beginning of 2021, Cyan moved into Bellarmine House and now assists Liv and the rest of our team with our Indigenous-Australian programs.

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