Our Board

Julian Butler 

Chair of the Cardoner Network

Julian Butler SJ joined the Jesuits in 2017. He has Bachelors of Laws and Commerce from the University of Melbourne, and a Masters of Philosophical Studies from the University of Divinity (Melbourne). Julian is a graduate of Xavier College in Melbourne where he now serves as a chaplain. A contributor and editorial consultant at Jesuit Communications Australia, he is the Australian Jesuit’s Provincial Assistant for Young Adult Ministry, chairs the Australian Jesuit Province’s Governance, Risk & Compliance Policy Reference Group, and is a Director on the Board of Jesuit Social Services. Prior to joining the Jesuits, Julian practiced in legal firms specialising in child protection and youth crime defence.

Murray Happ

Board Member 

Murray Happ joined the Board of The Cardoner Network in February 2021 and chairs the Finance Sub-Committee. After a career as a political advisor to State and Federal members of parliament including a Premier and the Prime Minister of Thailand, Murray worked in educational advancement for over 25 years.  Serving as the Director of Development at Cranbrook, St Aloysius’ College and Kamabala, Murray raised more than $50million to further advance educational opportunities for young people. An Old Boy of St Aloysius’ College, Murray has been involved with the Jesuits and the various works of the Province for close to 50 years.

Catherine Sydes (Cate Sydes)

Board Member

Cate joined the board of The Cardoner Network in October 2022. Cate is a registered Psychologist, a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and has over 30 years of experience working with at-risk young people and their families. 

Cate until her retirement in 2022 was CEO of Loreto Ministries Australia and South-East Asia (2017-2022), with focus on improving the risk compliance, such as child safety, financials and people aspects across the portfolio. Prior to that, Cate was CEO of Marist 180 (2006-2017), a specialist provider of services to youth at risk, with operations and programs across approximately 40 sites, approximately 350 FTE staff, and $47 million annual budget.

Fr. Kieran Gill SJ

Board Member

Fr Kieran Gill, S.J. was appointed to the board of The Cardoner Network in 2022. He was ordained a priest in 2019 and has served as a teacher and chaplain at St Ignatius’ College, Adelaide, and served as assistant priest at St Ignatius’ Parish, Norwood, South Australia.  He currently serves as parish priest of the Sevenhill and Riverton/Manoora Parishes in South Australia.

Pip McIlroy 

Board Member

Pip McIlroy was appointed to the board of The Cardoner Network in October 2022. Pip is Manager, People and Leadership Development at Jesuit Social Services. She has previously held roles in Formation and Ethics at St Vincent’s Health Australia and been a teacher and leader in Melbourne’s north-east as part of the Teach for Australia program. Pip is Founder and Director of boutique consultancy, Checking for Understanding. She has a Master of Theology, a Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching (Secondary), a Bachelor of Arts and a Diploma in Modern Languages (Italian). Pip is an alumni of Genazzano FCJ College, Kew and was on the organising and facilitation team for the MAGiS08 Ignatian World Youth Day program. 

Christian Prowse

Board Member

Christian joined the board of The Cardoner Network in early 2023. Formerly a student at Xavier College Melbourne, he was fortunate to attend Immersions to both Broome and India while at school. These two life-changing experiences fostered a deep appreciation of the lasting influence that volunteering experiences can have on young people. This appreciation and desire for others to have similar experiences led him to The Cardoner Network. Christian works in Business Development at Octopus Investments, a Renewable Energy Infrastructure Manager. Christian has a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Melbourne, majoring in Finance and Marketing.

Our Management Team

Stuart Salier


Stuart joined The Cardoner Network as CEO in July 2023, having spent almost 25 years prior to that as an Optus executive (in legal, investor relations and management roles). Stuart is committed to strengthening and growing Cardoner’s core operations in Sydney, ensuring Cardoner’s programs take hold and flourish in Melbourne and Adelaide and supporting all aspects of young adult ministry within the Australian Jesuit Province. Stuart is married with three children, one of whom was fortunate to serve (through Cardoner) for a year in Thailand in 2023. Stuart has Bachelor degrees in Laws and Economics from the University of Sydney.

Fr. Ramesh Richards SJ

Rector of The Cardoner Network

Fr. Ramesh was the Assistant Director of The Cardoner Network from 2014 to 2016 and returned as the Rector of the ministry in 2020. He has a wide range of chaplaincy experiences in high school, university, hospital and prison settings. He is particularly interested in helping young people develop their friendship with Jesus Christ through the Spiritual Exercises of St.Ignatius. He believes it is through this particular friendship, one is able to appreciate ones place in the world, and respond to the injustices one sees around them.

Jane Brennan

The Two Wolves Abroad Manager

Jane has been involved with the Cardoner Network since 2016 when her oldest son decided to serve for a year in Micronesia. Her middle son volunteered for a year in Thailand in 2019 and her youngest had an interrupted journey in 2020. Jane joined the Board of the Cardoner Network in late 2016 and served there until she decided to take on an operational role in 2021. Jane has undertaken many tasks as the Network navigated the challenges of the pandemic environment, including running the Two Wolves Community Cantina,and is currently overseeing the Abroad program.

Andrew Dainton 

Finance Manager / Company Secretary

Andrew joined the Cardoner Network in February 2020. Andrew is a Chartered Accountant and spent over 20 years at Macquarie Bank largely in accounting and market risk. Andrew’s two sons attended St Aloysius College and his daughter went to Loreto Kirribilli.

Neville Williams 

Volunteer Support

Neville taught history at St Aloysius College for many years. While there he saw many of his former students benefit greatly from their engagement with the Cardoner network. On his retirement from teaching in 2018 he offered his time to assist , in any capacity required, because he believed in the value of the work .Neville is particularly involved in formation & training programs as well as keeping in regular contact with our volunteers while in country.

Brendan Kell 

Formation Coordinator

Brendan initially joined the Cardoner Network in 2019, volunteering in Thailand on a service year. Starting in 2023, Brendan works as the formation program coordinator, leading retreats and in-school programs that focus on Jesuit spirituality and its impact on young people. He is particularly interested in languages as a way to connect more deeply with other people and communities.

Violet Cabral

Marketing Coordinator 

Violet joined the community in 2022 when she moved into Bellarmine house. Her work with the Cardoner Network led her to volunteer at Daly River in the NT for a month being part of the Two Wolves Domestic Program.  Violet currently interns as marketing coordinator; she runs all digital and social media platforms. – (centre left)

Joshua Esman

Overseas Program Coordinator

I joined the Cardoner Network in 2023, right after returning from leading the January Nepal Immersion. I’ve also done a service year in Thailand in 2019, and have lived in Bellarmine House since 2021. My role at Cardoner involves organisation and admin on all things overseas, monitoring volunteer welfare, and promoting the work Cardoner does to schools.

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