Bellarmine House

Located in Chippendale, next to USYD, UTS and Notre Dame, Bellarmine House is a residence for young adults, usually school leavers pursuing tertiary studies.

The House is an intentional community where we live like a family – sharing our stories, growth – and the chores!. Residents commit to weekly volunteer hours to serve and engage with our local and partner communities. The House seeks to offer a space to deepen human, spiritual, and intellectual formation; cultivating in residents a “faith that does justice”. Residents commit to 6 hours of weekly volunteer hours to serve and engage with our local and partner communities. Your housemates will quickly become friends for life!

The House has two floors with a large open plan living/dining/kitchen area and two bedroom wings. Cost for full board (room and meals) approx. $5.5k per semester in 2022.

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Resident Testimonial

Isabelle Paul, Resident 2020-2021

I first joined Bellarmine House in Semester 1 2020 with Charlotte O’Brien as the first female residents. From there, we have expanded to 8 girls and 9 boys in Semester 1 2021. I have been so lucky to be surrounded by a diverse group of housemates who have always supported me in life following high school. As a Bellarmine House resident, you always have friends to go out with – whether it’s for a “coffee date”, a quick Lansdowne drink or a trip to go-karting. We get up to so much fun and have grown together as adults during a pretty difficult time in the world.

Throughout my time here I have also had many experiences and opportunities offered to me within the Cardoner community. From volunteer tutoring Thai students and sharing our dinner with the marginalised in Surry Hills, the service aspect of Bellarmine ensures we are continually aware of our local community.

I couldn’t have asked for a better home these past two years and recommend to anyone to give Bellarmine House a chance because you won’t regret it!

How can you get involved?

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