Who we are

Our Mission

The Cardoner Project’s mission is to deepen the human, spiritual and intellectual formation of young adults, grounding them in a love of the poor in the service of the church. Two Wolves Domestic and Abroad programmes seek to do this by working with developing communities and vulnerable populations to empower and bring hope for a better world.


Who We Are

The Cardoner Project has been running volunteer programmes with our offshore partners since 2011 and over this time have developed warm and meaningful relationships through the dedicated service of our volunteers.  We work with partners who can benefit from the knowledge and contributions of our volunteers and in return our volunteers have a unique opportunity to grow and learn, sharing their lives with communities who have common values and can offer a very different perspective and building meaningful, enduring relationships.



Volunteering abroad is quite possibly the most rewarding experience you will have in your life. We know this through the testimonies of hundreds of volunteers that have come before you, many who remain part of the Two Wolves community. You may have seen one of our passionate alumni talk at your school. Volunteering overseas is not only rewarding, it’s fun. You will meet new people, build meaningful relationships with local staff, students and your fellow volunteers, see new sights, and expand your understanding of yourself and the world. You will experience something real and life changing in many ways.



While many of our returned volunteers tell us there is no real way to prepare yourself to live and serve in another country, we do our best to share insights about what to expect and help you to prepare to ensure you have an amazing experience overseas. Returned volunteers are available to chat to you about their experiences and they assist with our pre-departure formation and training sessions so you have first-hand knowledge from a volunteer perspective before you go. These sessions also provide training to help you get started teaching, to be risk averse and culturally aware.  Additionally you will be receive a country guide with logistical information about what to pack, basic language guides and how your specific project operates,


Safe and Responsible Programs

Volunteer safety is of the utmost importance.  All of our projects include a dedicated 24-hour in-country support contact.  This ensures you will be cared for every step of the way.
All Two Wolves Abroad projects have been personally inspected to ensure the standards meet necessary guidelines for quality and safety.  In addition, we monitor and maintain communication with local embassies to oversee potential issues in order to notify volunteers and their families accordingly. Our Australian team are available 24-hours and only a phone call away.
Our responsibility also extends to the local people which is why all volunteers must provide a working with children check before they travel.  We do not seek to change or influence the beliefs of any of the communities we work with. They tell us how we can assist their communities and we work closely with them to provide support to ensure projects are needs driven and create lasting change.


Affordable Volunteer Travel

As a non-profit organisation, we are not motivated by shareholder profits and compared to many of our competitors, our programs are very good value. We are not a large-scale volunteering operation so while fees are required to ensure we run a sustainable program, our focus remains firmly on the welfare of every individual who volunteers with us, and our partners overseas.

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